Brandt’s are part of a group called WABs comprising of them, Whiskered and Alcathoe bats. They are all very similar to the point where often DNA analysis on their droppings is required to definitively separate Alcathoe from the others.

Both Whiskered and Brandt’s are small species with somewhat shaggy fur – Brandt’s bat is slightly larger than whiskered bat. The two species are most reliably separated by differences in dentition and penis shape. They are mostly woodland species with a rapid and skilful flight and can pick their prey, such as spiders and moths, off foliage and often feed near water. So far we have Whiskered and Brandt’s in Staffordshire but there could well be Alcathoe out there as well.


Staffordshire Bat Group 2021

Staffordshire Bat Group are working to increase knowledge, understanding, awareness and conservation of bats in Staffordshire

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