The North Staffordshire Woodland Project

In April 2018, The North Staffordshire Woodland Project was initiated - a project founded by our Chair David Nixon.

The aim of the study is to determine the woodland species assemblage, distribution and behavioural patterns of bats that utilise North Staffordshire’s woodlands.

It is part of a wider study to determine the distribution of bat species in this area of the county. The project involves undertaking bat detector surveys coupled with advanced trapping techniques to identify species.

The project’s primary focus is on Myotis bat species that predominantly inhabit broad-leaved woodland as part of their ecology and which are difficult or impossible to distinguish with bat detectors alone.


To download a copy of the North Staffordshire Woodland Project Document - "Click Here"

Staffordshire Bat Group 2021

Staffordshire Bat Group are working to increase knowledge, understanding, awareness and conservation of bats in Staffordshire

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