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Submit your Records!

Have you been out recently with a bat detector and recorded a bat? If so, then we want to hear about it! The best way to find out about the bats of Staffordshire is by recording what is seen and adding that to the local database of records! We have over 3,000 records of bats, but we always want more and there are some parts of Staffordshire with no bat records at all!


So if you have recorded a bat then please e-mail with the following details...

WHERE?  Where did you record the bat? Please provide a 6 figure grid reference where possible.

WHEN?   What date did you record the bat? Time of the day isn’t too important, but date is!

WHAT?   What species of bat did you record? If possible, please send in your recordings of the bat too so that it can be verified.

WHO?     Who recorded the bat? How much experience do you have? How did you record it?

Thank you in advance for your records!

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